About us

We all love our Mobile, whether it is work, play, entertainment, studies, communication or seeking knowledge, Mobile is our partner. Mobile and its accessories are our need and style statement as well.

When I bought my first Apple Device (iPhone 7) in 2016, the first thing I wanted was to protect the screen. I purchased the Tempered Glass from the nearby place and applied on my iPhone. After around 2 months, I discovered some chipping and scratches on screen guard and I removed it.

Wow! Using the mobile without screen guard was a different experience, the touch and feel was so good without Tempered Glass. That means, Tempered Glass was hindering my real experience. But protection of Mobile is equally important, so I needed a Tempered glass which maintains the user experience of feather feel touch and at the same time protects my precious mobile screen.

Here, it was the first time I unconsciously realized that quality accessories are either not available or are very costly.

We might use high end phones, but when it comes to data cable, charger, tempered glass, earphones etc. we either settle for average quality cheaper options available in retail or online market or directly go for costly branded products.

So here we are, filling the gap, providing best quality products at a very reasonable price at your door step.

We do lot of research on product before launch, which includes proper designing, through testing and getting feedback from people with different demography.

We are in continuous process of developing new products in Accessory Segment whether it is Mobile or Lifestyle. We shall keep on introducing it here for you.


So enjoy your accessory shopping with peace of mind that you are buying a quality product at reasonable price.

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