Things to check while buying earphones online


It is our common fear while buying earphones online whether it is good or will it meet my requirement at this price point etc.

If we have some surplus money to spend and we do not want to take risk, we go for established brand like Sony, Skullcandy, JBL, bOat etc.

But being in this domain for more than 2 years and analyzing various products performance online, we found that even established brands products are having many negative feedbacks. Majorly because each one of us have different requirement and taste when it comes to music. Those who are fond of soft music might not like high bass earphones and vice versa.

Earphone has to work on complete frequency range starting from 20Hz to 20KHz, unfortunately, no single earphone can perform well on both sides of frequency and right balance can be made only with intelligent chip inside the earphones, only very high end earphones have this kind of balancing. We are not covering such high end earphones in this discussion and limiting our discussion to lower mid end non established brand products.

Here are some check points that you may consider while purchasing wired earphones online with price ranging between Rs 199/- to Rs 399/- .

1) Casing - Try to buy earphones with Metal Casing, the Acoustics always works better with Metal Casing as compared to plastic casing. Even mediocre quality drivers works well with Metal Casing.

2) Avoid buying earphone with Volume Control in this range, as this increases the cost of earphone and reduces the stability. Fault rate of chip supporting volume control is high. 

3) Mic is a standard requirement and is generally available in all earphones now, but do check the same.

4) Always check the rating of product online, any rating around 4 or more is considered good for products.

5) Don't always rely on specifications of speakers / drivers mentioned online as what we have seen, different quality speakers (In performance) generally have same specifications.  

6) Don't always make opinion based on reviews as these are mixed and individual specific and may not be relevant sometimes. I remember a review on Hotel Taj Exotica GOA, someone said that try to take room on 2nd Floor as the sea view from there is much better than ground floor. When I visited there and asked for room on 2nd floor, I was told, there is no second floor in the hotel. I loved my stay on ground floor room.

7) Once you finalize a product / brand, you can always do some research by searching for website of brand, checking whether it is an e-commerce website (Brands believing in quality will always have its own website and will also be selling products from there too), is the product sold by brand website directly, is there price difference etc. You can always use your wisdom. As per my experience, such upcoming brands do take extra care of customers who purchases from their website directly as you are much valuable to them. 

Hope you liked this article; we have tried not to confuse you with buzz words and tried to be as specific as possible in this article

We understand nothing is perfect and we are willing to improve same based on your inputs, so kindly share your views.

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